Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's Raining Mercury!

It's raining down buckets of GORGEOUS new Mercury Glass items at many more to be added to the website soon, but if you see some you LOVE, it's simple: JUST EMAIL or CALL us! Some are on the website now under MERCURY GLASS and also under NEW ITEMS.

We've been stocking up as our MERCURY items are in a plethora of magazines right now: Gourmet Mag, Romantic Homes, LA Confidential, House Beautifull and a few other local periodicals....

Aren't these with a pinkish hue just lovely??? The holidays aren't meant for just red and green motifs...add in a splash of something unique!  Mercury tealight/votive size: $14-$22 now at


High Desert Diva said...

Love the mercury glass votives.

Happy to hear your dad is home and doing better, too.

Anonymous said...

Darling! Loving the brown. Have never seen these. I will look back on your website shop to purchase a few

Anonymous said...

You can never have to many mercury glass votives, candlesticks, bowls and on and on and on and on!! Will check on the website.

Glad your dad is home where you can be with him. Prayers continue.


Anonymous said...

Kathy: I received my order on Friday and love it so much! I now have to have more of this mercury glass! I love this merchandise. Thank you for wrapping so carefully (or whoever wrapped it!)
New Jersey