Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gourmet for the Eyes and Mouth

I am cooking fool...I love to cook and love to entertain so naturally hosting Thanksgiving at my home is a pure delight for me. So imagine my thrill when the formidable GOURMET MAGAZINE approached me for items for their Thanksgiving table setting (November 2008 issue)..........!

Features a delectible variety of our Mercury Glass, and Vintageweave's French this and that....And to boot, filled with mouth-watering recipes!

Cranberry Pineapple Salsa, Mango Pomegranate Guacamole, Chipotle Meatballs, Roasted Sweet-Potato rounds with Garlic Oil & Fried Sage, Roast Turkey with black-truffle and white wine gravy.....oh, really the pictures of the food are AMAZING!

Thanks, GOURMET MAG! November 2008 issue on newstands now!


High Desert Diva said...

How exciting!

Anonymous said...

I used to subscribe as I loved this magazine. Will have to go out and get this issue. Congrats. What a reputable magazine to be called on from (is that proper English? you know what I mean!)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kathy!!! Yeah for Vintageweave. I will run out and get a copy. You set a mighty fine table!! Can I come for Thanksgiving?


Anonymous said...

Congrats-very reputable magazine, I agree.
I used to cook. Now I call 1-800-CATER.
I own many of those pieces of yours shown!!!
Joe McKinley

Country French Antiques said...

COOL! I'll have to get a copy!
Can I come to dinner at your house?

Kathy said...

Hi all....many have asked: No, this is not my house. This is a staged photoshoot by the talented group at GOURMET. I had nothing to do with the food in this picture either but one can wish!
It really has some great, accessible recipes for the approaching holidays.