Thursday, October 2, 2008

Succulent Maven

Vintageweave is not a garden center, but we are OFTEN called upon to create something wonderful for the garden....we keep a steady variety of unusual offerings in the boutique to help inspire our visitors to plant out of the box...or in some cases, IN the box! Inevitably these are begged off us to be sold or commissioned to be duplicated for their own homes.

If you're looking to add interest to a corner of your home or table, here's my simple trick that's fast, inexpensive and EASY for those from green to yellow to black thumbs!

Step 1: Find your choice of unusual or pretty vessel. If using wood or cast iron, line the edges with ziploc baggy or moss to prevent wood rot or plant burning (in the case of the latter);

{Vintage box $49 and small Parisien Urn $41 both sold at}
Step 2: Drill some holes! Be sure the holes are large enough, or if you only have a small drill bit, increase the quantity of the holes. If you've lined your vessel with plastic, be sure you've added holes in that or it won't drain properly;

Step 3: Plant your favorite small varieties, using a mixture of heights and shapes. For added interest, choose vessels with colors that complement the plants you choose. Green and red go great with white and brown, for instance. Sit back and enjoy your mini project!

Feel free to share your planting ideas with our blog readers (and me!!)!


Anonymous said...

I always love your creations, Kathy. They even inspire someone like me who makes who living creating beautiful and inviting gardens.

High Desert Diva said...

I adore succulents. Sadly, so do the deer...(yes, the walk up the steps on the porch and chow down...sigh)