Saturday, October 25, 2008

Driving Miss Pumpkin

{updated 10/26: all antique wagon carts have now sold! Sorry if you were placed on the wish list!}

{Antique Cart, circa late 1800's; $780 at Several available; each varies slightly}
Five Houses Down!
Four Houses to Go!

Busy decorating for the Fall/Halloween season for many clients.  Front porches transformed, fences  swathed, buffet tables set, and the pumpkin deficit has been adequately impacted!

Nuthin' but fun, laughter, and more fun!

{Fall burlap bottle wraps; $17.50 by contacting}
It's a busy weekend driving up and down the coast and back down and up again playing Fall Kringle! Back to blogging sometime soon...


Anonymous said...

Can I hire you??? Ya know in your SPARE time.
Geez, girl.
I do this for a living and you have MY jaw on ground.

High Desert Diva said... do have an enviable client list!

Love the burlap wine wraps!

Anonymous said...

Cart is fantastic. So is that orange berry is it Sweet Pea or Bay berry or something like that? Burlap wraps fantastic. Luv, luv, luv what you've done.
need an assistant???????

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. What fun! That cart is amazing. i wish I could have one but it's about the entire size of my NYC kitchen.

Anonymous said...

whoa..I'd be thrilled to drive that cart! =)

Lisa & Alfie said...

I miss my pumpkin cart. I had one in green and stupidly sold it. Charming vignettes as usual! It looks like you are having a great time. I hope one of the houses left to do is your own and its not a case of the shoemakers kids! lol

Lisa & Alfie

Anonymous said...

I really love the burlap wine wraps. Hummmm could be a great x-mas gift for friends/family. I may contact you about these.


p.s. You always do such beautiful design work! Your clients are lucky to have you!!!!

Fifi Flowers said...

You do a LOVELY job of Fall decorating, my friend! I must make it to your shop one of these days... of course I would love to visit when you are there... but you are sooooo busy... is it actually possible.... hmmmmm!
ENJOY your day!