Tuesday, September 30, 2008

La Chihuahua!

Los Angeles is one small-dog friendly, crazy town!

It's rare to not find an LA restaurant that doesn't accommodate dogs outside while you eat. And many a restaurant has a small DOG menu, akin to a KIDS menu section!
Dogs of all sizes abound...
.....but it's no secret that we love our small dogs here....especially, La Chihuahua!

Enter my client, J......J has just finished producing BEVERLY HILLS CHIHAUHAU. He's also been busy working on his new fabulous Cape Cod-style Hollywood Hills home, yet while shopping at Vintageweave weekly, always has time to visit with my "girls", Biscuit & Coco.
(Sorry ladies, he's taken and his girlfriend is simply the BEST.... a real doll and a beauty to boot.)
Clients like J are the best. Nice, personable, and focused on producing family-oriented movies that can be enjoyed by all. Not enough of that in Hollywood....
Take your kids! Take your neighbors' kids! Take your friends' kids! Most importantly, take all the dog lovers you know!

The movie is cute with an inspirational message. And did we mention it's great for the entire family??? Go Disney!

More on his house as it gets completed. Due to activity from/to the pool area, he's a big fan of Dash and Albert rugs carried at Vintageweave:
If I'm able to post pics of his house after it's got all the Vintageweave touches, I'll certainly do so.

In the meantime, enter to win an ohh la la, so French Louis Vuitton tote bag filled with doggy goodies! Enter THE PAMPER YOUR PUP CONTEST HERE


The Feathered Nest said...

Kathy, that is the CUTEST pup ever eating that breadstick!!! My little Ellie is half Chihuahua and half Jack Russell and is smart as ever! The movie does look like it's going to be wonderful ~ how can you go wrong with those sweet faces?? xxoo, Dawn

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog post! I adore these little dogs and my daughters have been begging me for one for years. We have a "date" to see it on Saturday and everyone is so excited! (I agree-so cute that little one in picture).

Anonymous said...

I have always been a big dog person but I fostered two Chi pups (girls) this past Summer and I am HOOKED. I do mean HOOKED!!! I now understand the rage over them; it only takes a weekend with these little guys for their personalities to win you over. I can't wait to see this movie, either!!!!
Lisa Jay

Anonymous said...

Was part of the crew. They really took amazing care of the dogs, man! It was a pretty fun set I must say. Movie is sweet.

Kathy said...

Ha! Thanks everyone...Yes, Dawn, that precious is one of my beloved girls! A Chi and JR mix?? Holy Cow that is not only one SMART dog but one ENERGY BEAST! I love it!

The movie really is cute so it's worth seeing when it opens this weekend. I'll be taking my Goddaughter and have no problem sitting through it again. Enjoy!

High Desert Diva said...

Twist his arm! We must see progress pics...before & after.

Anonymous said...

Can you at least show before pics of his house. All of us decorating mavens can get our brains swirling on the possibilities at least! :)

PS I love your dogs every time I visit your store. They are really personality rockets!
Meg/Garden Designs

Anonymous said...

My Yorkie, Mugsy, just passed away 3 weeks ago. I can't bring myself to go see this movie now, and I was looking forward to it. I would also like to say that I'd enjoy seeing pictures of that Hollywood Home when and if you can. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathy,

What a sweet post! As you already know I adore dogs. I now have my daughter and son-in-law's dog to baby. A rescued greyhound named Taj. He is three and very shy around people he doesn't know. He will have to do. No more pets for awhile. Still missing Josie!!

Lisa & Alfie said...

My mom just got back from seeing this movie and just fell in love with it. Alfies waiting for the movie where a poodle gets lost in Paris!
Lisa & Alfie