Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Decorating au Natural

{Judy's amazing creation for us to enjoy ABOVE!}

Usually we go all out for Halloween decorating. This year has us busier than we've ever been with decorating here and there for clients, leaving us little time for WOW ME holiday decorating...

This year we decided to focus on a more Au Natural Fall Decor Theme, pulling in inspiration from Dear Mother {NATURE,] that is

Clock faces abound at Vintageweave, as does any vintage typography we can lay our hands on! Since none of this is glued down, you can rotate any holiday theme.

{Cloche Halloween Theme; $64 -- VERY LIMITED quantities available by contacting}

Of course at VW we are most crazy for French Textiles....pillows in muted fall colors....
{French Fall Pillow; $300 includes down insert available by contacting}


Anonymous said...

LUV the inspiring!! =)

Anonymous said...

I want: pillow (pair), that black pumpkin under glass cloche (two), white med size pumpkins (three) and some of those branches. Do you sell the green leaves and branches? I know if I hire you to decorate you come with it all, but I'm in San Rafael area. Couldn't find any of it on website. I am copying this in an email too. :) Peggy

Anonymous said...

THOSE PUMPKN COLORS ARE AMAZING!!!!. ARE THEY REAL OR STYROFOAM? I've not seen such rich tones and greens. I'd love to get my hands on some

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Kathy,

I love the white pumpkins. Until we moved here I had never seen any and I'm infatuated with them!!! I bought a white gourd and I simply adore the cute thing.


p.s. You almost have to be a drunk to figure out this word verification that I have to re-type!!

Kathy said...

Hi guys:
all items are available by emailing as they are not on website shop. Euculyptus branches are $12 for a bunch (about 3 branches flutters approx 24" long). Dried bittersweet is $40 bunch. Contact for pics or to order: or 323.932.0451.

Pumpkins sitting on my porch are REAL. Aren't they gorgeous colors? I don't sell but supply them when hired to decorate (we're doing tons of Fall decorating projects for clients!)
Thanks everyone!

High Desert Diva said...

My favorite kind of fall decorating.

RE: the clock friend Joy has a collection of large ones that she uses as chargers under clear glass plates. Very cool.