Sunday, September 21, 2008

I *HEART* Julie Louis-Dreyfus

It's FUN Emmy week here in Los Angeles/Hollywood and we've been blessed to be busy, busy arranging gifts and adding the right tweaks here and there at various client's homes.

It's true. I'm human. I PLAY FAVORITES!
One of our most favorite clients:
The gorgeous Julia Louis-Dreyfus

We don't just love her because her set decor, New Adventures of Old Christine, is built around an incredible variety of Vintageweave bits and bobs & specially- design items throughout.......... We don't just love her because she had us gut-wretching laughing during her Emmy-winning run on Seinfield........
.......................  We love her because she's one of the most talented comedic actresses of her time, because she's one of the nicest and humblest people (despite her privileged background-you'd NEVER know), because she makes us LAUGH OUT LOUD in her role as recently-divorced, single-mom CHRISTINE......and because, well, she's a loyal shopper of Vintageweave! What's not to love???!

Frequently ordering these votives by the dozens , Julia is a big fan of all Vintageweave's reproduction Mercury glass as it goes well with the lifestyle of having boys constantly running around the house! (Breaking antique mercury glass would be too hard for the stomach to bear!)

Trivia: On her casual days, she's the ultimate classic dresser and truly has the most PERFECT skin I've ever seen. Her complexion is actually legendary in industry circles.

While we have many clients up for an EMMY tonight and have our fingers crossed for all of them, Julia holds a special place in our hearts because her character, Christine, tickles our funny bone in all the right places!



Fifi Flowers said...

She was very funny on Seinfeld. Sadly... I rarely watch any TV... maybe I will have to check this show out per your recommendation. That photo is FAB... she looks great!
BTW... How are your babies? Snap any pix yet?

Anonymous said...

I've seen her in person. She's hot.

Kathy said...

Hi, Irna--check your spam folder as I personally responded to you while in was sent moments after your request arrived. We've sold over 200 of the candlesticks and are sold out until March 2009. I only have 20 coming in then and they've already been pre-sold so no more will be available. We do ship to Hong Kong frequently. Thanks for your interest.

Irina said...

Thank you Kathy for you blog reply!
No, for some reason I didn't receive your email (not in spam folder ether).
I'll keep checking your shop catalog! and when in LA will definitely visit it :)