Monday, September 15, 2008

Lady Chanel and Her Chandelier

Famously and defiantly-single Coco Chanel.

Need more be said? A modern woman's woman. A muse for any generation.

This stunning chandelier was in her infamous apartment in Paris' Right Bank (more on her apartment later, which sadly is off limits to us common folk: the public.)

Designed by Paris-based decorator Maison Jansen in 1930 for Coco. (Jansen also worked for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Shah of Iran, and the Kennedy White House.)
A Timeless Bronze and Crystal 8 Candle Arm Chandelier Conveying Great Elegance and Taste.

However THIS chandelier for Lady Chanel, featured double C drops (!!!) and some shaped in her lucky number. Er, need you ask?? That would be the number FIVE of course....

Side bit of trivia: A model of elegance herself, Jacqueline Kennedy was so taken by the chandelier during a tour of the house while in Paris for Fashion Week one year, she had one designed on a larger scale for the YELLOW ROOM of the White House while she and JFK were residents......

A gorgeous reproduction can be fitted for any of our homes for a mere $43,400! That's a lot of quilted bags and patent leather Chanel shoes, guys! Just call on Thomas Gallery,!


Anonymous said...

I love anything and everything Coco Chanel!!!! (But this is out of my price range :)
Lucy told me that you named you named your dog after her. You must love her too. Thank you for a look into her world. I would love to see her apt.

High Desert Diva said...

Pretty, but the repro is outrageously priced....

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathy,

I adore the chandelier. It is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Love knowing as much as I can on her. Please do be sure to share more on her apartment in Paris.