Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Danny Boy!

Every few months I am treated with a visit from dear Danny Seo.....a designer who has committed his work to environmentally-conscious design and all-around-green education. His recent visit a couple of weeks ago had me laughing non stop as usual (he's just FUN and pulls no punches). We gossiped and dished and shared ideas. He walks around the store with the best ideas....he'll pick things up and offer up suggestions on how to recycle and repurpose this and that.

Danny previously contributed the most amazing recycle-themed articles as one of the editors for COUNTRY HOME magazine and now takes his magical knowledge to BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS. He has articles and books entitled around his life's theme: SIMPLY GREEN. I'm particularly in love with the farmhouse he owns in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

In addition to partnering with Method and other eco-conscious companies, Danny recently launched a 100% green mattress by teaming up with Simmons Mattresses at JCPenny; if you're in the market, you really should consider. I tried them out and they are incredibly comfortable and attractive to anyone with allergies. I placed one in a client's home and he is LOVING it! My friend Danny has a great, informative blog so check out his website and link on....(click on his name in first parapgraph above).


Anonymous said...

kath-i think it was Country Home he was an editor at and not CLiving. I think his articles are always so incredibly informative. Didn't know he had a blog and after a quick look I love it!!!!

Kathy said...

oops--You are right, Meg!
Thanks for the correction--yes, I too love his blog and unfortunately don't get to read it (or others) as often as I'd like.

Anonymous said...

Was he on one of those HGTV shows? He looks familiar. It must be great to get so many diffrent views on decorating. Hope all is well with you.


Kathy said...

Yes, Kris, he's been on lots of HGTV shows and some special other shows on the style network. The man gets around and has carved out a great niche as a environmetal guru so he's asked to be EVERYWHERE.