Thursday, June 11, 2009


....and Danny Seo, and Kerry Washington!!

Well now you know why the blogging has been so remiss---the power of Oprah hit us two years ago and then again this past month. IT'S BEEN MAHEM! WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL MAHEM!

We thought we were busy before. We thought we took too few breaks and rest stops before. Oh no......Oprah's reach in her "O" magazine has made it super-duper-mega frega crazy {as my 5 year old Goddaughter would say}.

Thanks as always to our favorite environmental designing guru, Danny Seo {who has a fab blog in addition to all his fab work: http://www.DAILYDANNY.COM}, and to the drop-dead gorgeous Kerry Washington, whom we love and adore. Working with this team was, in word, FUN!

{Kerry's office holds many of our vintage items such as yellow French Bistro Chair, bag and slew of accessories...}

{Living room now is home to Vintageweave's pillows of vintage French fabrics, grain bags, tea towel pillows and a burlap roll from one of our favorite vendors, Vagabond...}
{...Still more pillows....}
{....Red stripe runner, Cote Bastide creamware dishes, vintage vase, grainbag pillows and antique French hemp pillow...; runner is available on our website now...}

{One of my most favorite items is how Danny transformed a boring pet step by covering it with a vintage Indian rug. See lower left of picture. Isn't it great??}
{Kerry's kitchen is chockfull of Cote Bastide creamware dishes and cast iron pedestals. Since this publication hit, I'm sorry to say all of these items have completely sold out and are now retired.}
"O" Magazine; June issue on newsstands now.


Lisa Jay said...

Kathy: I am so thrilled for you! No one more deserving. I'm so lucky that I did get to obtain some of those gray pedestals and love all my pillows you've made. xxxooo Lisa

Mika said...

Loving the PILOOWS! You ship Osaka Japan to me?

Lisa & Alfie said...

I read that article. Well done and congrats!
Lisa & Alfie

Meg/Garden Designs said...

SO DESERVING! You are one of the hardest working women I've ever come across!

Greg said...

right on woman!!!!