Friday, June 5, 2009

Designing a Piece of Malibu

{Janus et Cie Adirondack Chairs in Adult and Child sizes; made from recycled milk cartons are ultra, ultra fab at this lookout point created on the westbound portion of the bluff!}

How long has it been friends?
Too long...far too long....

....I've been up to my forehead in designing mania....!Fabric swatches, color chips, furniture samples, granite slabs, plant material...burlap, ticking, sunbrella,'s all been wrapped around me like a glorious, sun-kissed necklace.

Now that my HUSHHUSH design job has wrapped, I can get back to playing with with some other fun souls! Due to confidentiality agreements, I can't share much of this spectacular fun job, but I can share a teensy looksy of this outdoor haven. Enjoy and I'll be back soon to share all the OTHER AMAZING fun things we've been a part of and immersed in!

{Taking a break from the mania with toes in the jacuzzi!}
{In the rose garden sits a statue by a talented Los Angeles artist; statue created in the likeness of the owners' daughter}
{My boardroom!  The area where I held morning meetings outlining the day's tasks.}
{Tennis courts where energy could be exerted after long days of moving and installing furniture.}

It's been crazy busy and as usual I'm running around like a headless French Chicken!  Back VERY soon and I promise to share more exciting news! Hope everyone is doing great and THANK YOU for continuing to keep us busy and having a blast filling all of your orders!


meg/Garden Designs said...

Heaven. You look gorgeous as does this property. Missed you and glad you are back blogging again. My clients loved the urns btw!!!!!!! Hopefully I'll be back for another pair soon.

Lisa Jay said...

I want this job! What fun and what a place to work everyday! Missed your posts. Lisa

Anonymous said...

Missed your posts!!! Glad you are back. Looks like a fabulous house can't wait to see more!!!