Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dad's Day Vintage Style

Years ago a 30-something year old customer walked in looking for a vintage that could be fitted with a cork. He wanted one that he could insert a love poem he had written for his girlfriend. HOW ADORABLE! I took a bit of extra time with him to purchase his $14 bottle and even helped 'fabricate' the perfect topper with cork and twine. His romantic nature made my heart sing!

Six months later they were married and a year thereafter he became a father.
Vintageweave has been honored to play a part in each milestone with gifts and decor....I'd like to think it all started with a simple, sweet idea and that old crusty vintage bottle!

Happy Father's Day to everyone who plays a role in a life of a child, friend or pet! An extra special shout out to my own perfect dad!!


Janie McCormack said...

I am interested in purchasing these bottles but can't find them on your site. can you email me. thank you so much. love your site!

caren said...

Kathy ~ Great post! Hope your Dad is feeling better. Did you ever hear from Kris?

abeachcottage said...

hmm what lovely idea, I recently found some vintage bottles, need to get writing some love notes!


Maggie M said...

wow i really do love all the treasures you bring to share. nice + pretty packing on my cote bastide stuff received yesterday.