Saturday, June 13, 2009

Grains Lived Here; Grain Sacks; Grain Bags

We simply can't keep these beauties in stock!
We're tickled pink that a new shipment has arrived...soon they will be added to the website, but to get your hands on them first, merely email us at or call the boutique 323.932.0451. We have over 300 in stock so be sure to indicate red, blue on light weight or heavy weight and we'll accommodate your preferences (while supplies last of course!).

All grain bags are $58/ea for basic non-monogrammed and $64 for basic monogrammed; range in sizes of 40-42" L x 19-22" W. If you require exact sizing let us know and we'll measure out the one that grabs your eye. More unique sacks are individually priced.

Want a grain bag made into a pillow? OUR PLEASURE!! Pillows range from $69 - $115/ea and include soft poly fill inserts (similar feel to down feathers).

Originally used to hold grains, these bags can be easily washed on gentle cycle. We like to use any delicate detergent and then add in 5x the standard amount of fabric softener to make them extra delish....Extra stubborn stains?? BIZ is the miracle worker (sold at Target and most grocery stores).

The Vintageweave workroom is now busy, busy, busy making pillows so if you've been on the waiting list for Grain Sack Pillows, rest assured your orders will be shipping out in the next 4 days and you will be swooning along with us!

Unique and lovely grain bags in rare white cotton with monogramming in red thread "G E". About 40 of these in stock. Style WGE; $72/ea
Lots and lots of REDS!
And tons of Blues! Shown Style DB051; $58
Just a handful of these unique burlap with blue stripes; Style Shown BURB122; $87

Loving the red/blue on white--perfect table runner for 4th of July! Style Shown RWB01; $58

Red with monogramming "R J"; Style shown RRJ01; $64

Deeper Red Stripes with Monogramming "T M"; Style Shown #RTM; $64

Classic Red Stripe; Style Shown #R016; $58

Grain Bags will be added to the website next week as we finish unpacking them. See any that make you swoon here? Email us at ---FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! Over 300 now in stock!
Vintageweave Interiors; 323.932.0451 or


Lisa Jay said...

yep I am swooning alright!!. Emailed you for 2 of white cotton ones. thnx! Lis

Fifi Flowers said...

Good to see your back!!!! Thanks for popping over... so I know I can see what you are up to!

Jackie in MT said...

got my pillows today. LUUUUUUV them! thanx kath and megan! (shhh-i just ordered two more from you but used a diff card so hubby wouldn't notice! tee hee)

Jeanne Oliver said...

I was sighing and swooning through your whole post. Vintage grain sacks are just lovely!!!

Janice Keeran said...

killer pillows. thank you very much. great job on them. got today.

ABC Dragoo said...

So excited to find the "real deal" I just put the word out on Twitter for you!