Wednesday, April 30, 2008

French Periodicals As Art

Vintage periodical prints and advertisements make the perfect art! While the prints themselves can be found relatively inexpensively at a variety of French Flea Markets, or puces, the type of frame you choose can really set it apart from being a flea market find to flea market CHIC. We've paired some with moderately-priced frames and others with luscious antique frames. Either way they represent a beautiful bygone era where there is no photoshop, iphoto or fancy computer to enhance the hand drawn sketches.

There's a particular vender who used to sell stacks of these beauties at Puces Vanves (Metro stop Porte de Vanves off Metro 13). As early as 6 years ago you could fetch these for around 5-15 Euro or $5-$15. Now they go for around 30 Euro, which these days......well, let's just say "our dollar ain't what it used to be"! i just love the detail of them.

The black and white news feature ones are a particular draw. {Offered at Vintageweave on occasion for $35.}

Vanves is is one of my favorite markets in Paris proper....small and selective with a great variety of quality items. As you turn the bend on Porte de Vanves you can smell the food vendor with his perfectly-brewed cafe au lait and decent croissant. The energy is fast and furious and half way through making your way, the market width narrows to a single file for about the length of 10 vendors. Of course everyone ignores this fact, pushing and forging ahead as if they haven't noticed there is less room. This is France, after all, a country whose people famously detest rules and restrictions. As a visitor it can be daunting, but just remember, you are in France, eating a so-so croissant that is far better than any croissant on its best day back home, and there are treasures upon treasures to be had at every turn. And did I mention? You. Are. In. France. Life is Good.

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How descriptive! I am sure I was there...did you see me?