Sunday, April 27, 2008

Morning Rituals

At my house, the day starts with French Press Coffee. It's not chosen because of the name, but because in my opinion the flavor can't be beat. The plug-in drip coffee maker has long since been retired to the back of the pantry. Throw in organic Granola (Whole Foods brand is a favorite) mixed with yogurt (Brown Cow Organic Blueberry is another favorite) and the day is ready! First became hooked on this yogurt concoction at Il Fornaio in Beverly Hills. Don't forget to drink out of a favorite, beautiful coffee mug as the ambience needs to be as good as the taste! Years ago while driving through western Provence, I fell for the this one (click above photo to enlarge) in the artist hotbed community Le Beaucet in Venasque. I bought up all of these hand-painted beauties. {TIP: If you are planning a trip here--albeit from your armchair---some friends have a fabulous compilation of food stops you simply must read if you haven't already discovered this part of the world.}

Truth be told, we would prefer a croissant, but the variety offered in the States is so horribly disappointing. If in LA, the only two locations where excellent, as-close-to-Paris-as-you-can-get versions are at the French-owned spots: Little Next Door and Breadbar. The French owners at the respective spots are so lovely, and not because they are regulars of Vintageweave, but because they are excellent at their craft.
{Of particular note is the foamy cappuccino at Little Next Door--honestly as good as the best in Paris.}


Anonymous said...

What a lovely experience!
Delightful, delightful, delightful...
now time to rethink my living space. My new favorite shopping destination!


Anonymous said...

Your Paris trip put me in the mood for a good cup of French pressed coffee. Ahhh, okay I'm there!

THW said...

Oh, my. Now I am in the mood for croissants and pressed coffee! Ahh, am I in Paris? Guess, I need to visit my favorite store --- Vintageweave to bring more Paris into my home!