Friday, April 25, 2008

Repurposing Antique Linen

I'm often found leaving French Flea Markets and estate sales balancing piles of musty linens in our arms. The bed sheets that are badly soiled are purchased at slightly better prices and the possibilities of repurposing them are endless. We're especially gaga for bed rolls, created completely from scraps and bits of antique linens from Belgium and France. Ties are on each end creating a simple means to remove the covering if washing is needed. {Insider TIP: Always, always, always use BIZ if a stubborn stain exists-never bleach or spot remover on these antique textiles. You can literally soak the area in a bucket for a day or two depending on the level of stain. We buy our powdered BIZ at Target but I've heard it showing up at some supermarkets, too} An ultra luxurious down & feather custom insert adds the necessary panache for your finished bed. {$325-$700}

Vintage French ticking, antique linen sheet topper and antique ribbon, all circa 1880-1940; includes down insert. {$340.00}


Anonymous said...

Your antique textiles are my favorites, what they do to a room is beyond all expectations

Anonymous said...

The details of the hand-work and antique ribbons are unbelievable! Have never seen such beautiful linens.

gidget said...

...see, more ideas for 'repurposing' or recycling, or as I like to think 're-LOVING' things back into our lives. Again, this blog is full of great product, but GREATER ideas. Thanks again for opening up the possibilities to what our lives can become - filled with beauty and wonder.