Friday, April 9, 2010

Gardeners Come Forth!

{Zinc Pot Carriers w/pots; $75 set}

Spring brings out the green thumb in all of us....

When you don't have that much in the way of space (think rooftop deck), want a little window cheer, or need something pretty for the starter plants, these zinc pot carriers fit the bill perfectly!

Modeled after those found in the early 1920's, these newly-devised Zinc Pot Carriers come with the 6 pots (all new). We've sold the antique versions in the past (and still sell the vintage zinc pots!), and were thrilled to discover these fantastic interpretations.

{Antique French Plant Markers; $40/ea. France circa early 1920's}

For those die-hard antique lovers out there who want that certain je ne sais quoi, these antique French slate Plant Markers add so much delight to the vegetable garden or just in their proper simplistic form coming out of a potted plant. Our favorite French antique garden dealer emailed us when she stumbled across them as she knew I'd go ga-ga over their....... well.....Frenchness!

If you're creative with moss and small plants, our French Lace Basket Sets would look amazing with pansies against the French grey wire. Each set comes with 5 in various sizes. The uses around the garden, office, bath and kitchen are endless!
(A set immediately went home with me!)

{French Lace Basket Set (5); $141}

All available now at "" or by 323.932.0451. Ordered with us before? If your card is on file you may merely email your order:
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Happy Gardens Await!


Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic said...

Love, love, love the wire basket with little zinc pots! And the FR wire lace baskets...fabulous! You bring such delightful items to your shop. Have a grand weekend!

Lisa Jay said...

I want several of e EVERYTHING! I saw the plant markers there earlier this week and you had something like 100 of them, but didn't see the other darling items. guess that means I'm coming back in again today!!!