Friday, April 2, 2010

Duckie Duckie

{French Duck Pellet Sachets}

We are textile NUTS at Vintageweave! Can't control the spending whether drooling over vintage crewel lace in Bath, ENGLAND or antique faded linen in Provence, FRANCE. Fortunately for us, there are many of you out there that share our addiction! {But what an addiction it is!}

Enter these small, yet WOW factor textile bags: Vintage French Duck Pellet Cases.

We have hundreds so some may be fashioned into pillow designs, tablecloths.....but for now, we love them chock full of heavenly Lavender. The faded black markings capture the eye and you'd never know the labor intensive washing (5 washings), sanitizing and pressing. These were discovered in horrid condition and smelled of petro, but we saw past all of that and imagined the beauty beneath. The heavenly, nubby-textile beauty!

French Duck Pellet Sachets measure 12 x 5"; $30 Cream Linen; $35 Natural Linen


Meg/ Garden Designs said...

no way!!! I clicked the picture to enlarge it and fell in love. Just ordered a few. FYI: you don't have a picture next to the item description on your online store. :)

V said...

We are in town, Kath! Plan to stop by around noon today, will you please save two of each color for me?

Victoria said...

I love those! I have never visited your shop but it's on my to do list:)

Trouvais said... cute. Your "Poste" duffel is also calling my name! What is it about! SO appealing. Merci, Trish

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic said...

Love these....need to call the shop and have the ladies pick out a few for in each color! Have a blessed Easter,

Jackie D said...

totally, totally, totally love these!~ Got mine this morning from you!

vosgesparis said...

These are really beautiful
I love old linen and but I have given away al pieces I had so Now I only have one french grain sac left and even that I am selling,

I just added a new page at my blog with some goodies I want to sell... I am in need for a new white floor and thought I can always start recollecting ;)