Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bistro Me Away

The perfect outdoor, entertaining table.

An extra spot to host the cake and plates....side dishes.....bar set up....

Folds up & Stores away. Or sits out like a lovely centerpiece. And how thoughtful are the French that they design it with a perforated top so the rain washes away (or the spilled champagne- quelle horreur!).

A dozen varieties now in stock by calling or emailing us at Vintageweave Interiors
323.932.0415 / vintageweave@aol.com

All 36" in three pieces for easy shipping: (7) white, (2) sage, (2) robin's egg blue and (1) black with original rust and wear from parties of long ago.
$695 and up.

{Shown 36" white; $695)

1 comment:

Jackie Krough said...

Picked up my black one today and placed in the garden on the pea gravel as Kathy suggested and hubby loves it! Thanks for the GREAT customer service, ladies!!!!!
Jackie Krough