Saturday, February 20, 2010

Walls + Sinks = Match Made in Heaven!

{Unique Pale Sage Green Tub-Model #SAG)

The Europeans back in the day got it right....wall sinks with back splashes built right in!

Sized at approx 28 Height x 17.5" wide x 10" deep, these European Wall Sinks in the Classic Style are $345.

New arrival of EUROPEAN WALL SINKS will leave you drooling. Nothing more needs to be said!

Available now on "" under WHAT'S NEW and ANTIQUES sections.

{Model WR2}

{Model #WBLKR}

{Model #WRBW}

{Model #WRRIM}

{Model #WW}



vosgesparis said...

I like them, one of my locol shops is selling tons of them.. You are so right to bring them with you ;)

Anonymous said...

I need one (or possible 2!)of these :)

Lisa Jay said...

Purchased mine yesterday and glad I got first pick before put online. WE LOVE OURS SO MUCH that hubby even agreed one on the back property would be good...may be back in for that black one Tuesdayyyyyy

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kathy and girls. got my two today via UPS and just love them. will send you a photograph of the finished barn soon! M