Friday, February 5, 2010

Burlap Craze Continues

Updated 2/10/10: First shipment sold out; next shipment arriving late April. Pre order NOW to get April shipment! Card charged April 7...order ships April 15.

{ Languedoc Bolster, $179 ....11x34}

{Rue Bolster; $65....17" square}
{No. 7 bolster; $65....15x22"}
{Maison Olivier; $65....17" square}

New Designs!~

As mentioned in the post immediately below on Burlap, more designs + more stock arriving first part of March....pre sale starting now! These are but a FEW....

{Bordeaux; $65....17" sq}

Oh, la, la....heart be still!

Available in Mid March. Pre sale going on NOW. To reserve yours as part of the first batch out of the workrooms go to SHOP NOW and visit the TEXTILES Page at ""/a> or 323.932.0451


Mardan said...

Is there a limit on how many we may order in the pre ordering? I am decorating a cabin in Canada and need MANY for a long L shapped bench and these are just PERFECTLY SUITED. I just called your shoppe and left a message and would appreciate someone calling me before they all sell out. MERCI

Brett and Keve said...

****** swooning*******

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic said...

Yes! The craze for burlap pillows with a French design continues...and these are all just FABULOUS! We run out of them quickly, too. Love the silk screened designs on yours.

Lisa Jay said...

okay, so I just ordered an assortment. I hope I get part of that first shipment. These are just wonderful, Kathy!!!!

Crystal said...

I just love these pillows and the prints. I have enjoyed veiwing all of your finds, I added you to my blogroll to keep up.