Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chicken without a head!

Well to say I've been busy is the biggest understatement of the year for me!

(Vintage French iron fence posts finials; $89)

These ladies have lost their bodies, but it reminds me of the chicken running around without its head....which is not a pretty picture so I'm opting for female heads instead! I've not lost my's actually on quite straight as I work extremely well under pressure. But I do feel like I'm running around like that ol' chicken.....!

Oooooh.... and MY. FEET. NEED. A. MASSAGE. In a massively big way.

Alas, no time for a massage so I'm stealing quiet, rare moments near this Antique French garden angel I just acquired for the boutique. Isn't she lovely?

Sorry there hasn't been a spare bit of time to blog and share as the fun things happening!

The projects have been both fast&furious and confidential in nature. Such is the life of working amongst celebrities---their lives and activities and decorating habits must often stay private. Bah humbug I know. The world is just too accessible anymore and the media twists and turns every little thing out of context with them. Many of my confidentiality agreements have specifically included blogging issues, so I've kept quiet to play it safe.

We're quite busy in the boutique and on the website, too! Hired two new part timers to help keep up: a great handyman/warehouse helper and lovely design assistant to help with running around picking up fabrics, drops to the upholsterer, order pick ups, etc, etc....

We have barely had time to visit this room:

(reproduction Toilets wood sign; $49)

I'll be back around more often now that it's all gotten a bit under control! I did manage to take a quick trip across the pond so more on that buying trip later....


Anonymous said...

Love the heads - not sure what they're from but they sure are intertesting!


Anonymous said...

Well, Am I ever glad to hear from you! I have missed your posts. I still check everyday so imagine my surprise when I saw that you are back if only for one quick post!! Seriously, I will be glad to start reading your blog again on a daily basis.

Rest up!


Anonymous said...

MISSED YOU. MISSED YOUR WONDERFUL POSTS. Glad business is wildy successful for you but I never had doubts as you have always been wildy successful in all that you take on. If I bribe you with wine can I get you to dish????

Shameless Celebrity Hound Meg

Anonymous said...

I'll take it.
Your job that is.
Jealous in Seattle

Anonymous said...

I'm an idiot - I see that they are post finials!

Anonymous said...

great angel yes. but really love those finial heads. i will go online now and hopefully they are there if not you will hear from me. would love to see pics when you can of our fun projects!
lisa jay

High Desert Diva said...

Those finials are truly incredible!

Bummer about the confidentiality agreements...

Lisa & Alfie said...

Welcome back. Look forward to hearing about your adventures. Lisa & Alfie