Saturday, August 30, 2008

Paris Cote Bastide

One of the beautiful things about my chosen career is that I can pop over to Paris, meet with the most inspiring artisans and craftsmen, write it off, and call it work.........{"Nice work if you can get it, you can get it....}

When in Paris proper, there are several "must stops". One is always, always, always afternoon tea here:

I'm partial to the one in Le Marais, off Rue du Bourg-Tibourg. No matter how short the business trip or how packed the schedule, I always pop in here for a proper spot of tea. This quick buying trip was no exception.

Another must-not-miss for me, is the Paris outpost of Cote Bastide, probably one of my most favorite family of artists and soap creators as we share mutual sensibilities. Of course they take it to a level that makes me swoon!
I love the simplciity of colors reminiscent of my three favorite fabrics: linen, hemp, and burlap. They throw just the right spot of red into the mix, too.

I'm particularly loving their simplistic snow white packaging for the Coton and Lait lines.

All are available now at Vintageweave. Stay tuned for some fun twists I've done with some of their textiles and fashioned them into unique uses for a client's eclectic is cutting and repurposing this grand laundry bag into bathroom curtains...

Passed by this artistic display while walking down Rue Mambourg. Love when soap is artistic. so touchable. so inviting. french.


Fifi Flowers said...

Aah... sigh... this make me want to take a trip!
Love that collection of towers... I have quite a collection myself... people always give them to me... and I LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

I am so wanting those cote bastide bubble bath bottles. my favorite is lait/milk but have not smelled cotton. is it fresh smelling? sounds like it is. what is that thing behind when you enlarge the picture? a light? a chandelier? it looks like I might love it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I never heard of Cote Bastide until I started shopping with you and I am a devoted, loyal fan! (as you know i buy up a storm of their stuff constantly). i would love to visit their paris outpost......ah, i can dream!