Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Transport my Soul!

One of my latest design projects is  a gorgeous Mediterranean/Italian villa in the magical city of  Ojai, California. Ojai is the next town inland from Ventura Beach (40 minutes from Santa Barbara), and loaded with orange groves, olive orchards, lavender bushes, and horses, horses, horses. I love it up here!

However, what Ojai is most famous for is the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa---a must for any spa maven or golfer! 
The 18-hole golf course is home to numerous PGA professionals, making it an impressive cinch to host group golfing events. It's one of the more picturesque California has to offer. In my previous line of work I coordinated and hosted an annual golf retreat for the top performers in my field. And their golf shop stocks the absolute best of the best golf attire! Not being a huge golfer myself, the picturesque setting and clean, magical scent that fills the air here is enough to make me break out the clubs!

But the spa.....
......oh this place so speaks my language!

I love nothing more than walking towards the spa as mounds of lavender bushes guide my way.

An invigorating swim followed up by relaxing in the jet-swirling jacuzzi and sauna.... finishing with an intense 1 1/2 hr massage enveloped in lavender and eucalyptus oils. Every muscle is so relaxed; my legs behave like a bowl of jello.

As the sun sets, I crawl back to my room. Not just any room, mind you. This is Ojai!  It's  an herb-scented Garden Suite.   I retire on the balcony.....it overlooks the olive and eucalyptus trees, while scented lemon trees in pots sprinkle the balcony..... roaming mountain peaks beckon in the background. Ohhhhh.....
......Amazing spa dinner of perfectly cooked fish, saffron rice, watercress lemon salad and chocolate/coconut/exotic nuts mousse is brought to my room where I relax with a wonderful regional wine from Santa Barbara.

All the while the sun disappears past the mountains and the scent of eucalyptus leaves begin to wafer through my room....

The next morning is filled with a glorious sunrise horseback ride while the California central mountains surround you. It's such a rare and treasured treat.

Honestly, you must do yourself a favor and book a weekend at this magical place! For the past 12 years, I've made it a point to enjoy bi-annual weekend getaways here. You deserve at least one excursion (and if your guy golfs, it's an easy sell---take it from this girl!!) There's so much more to enjoy: tennis courts! Pilates! Yoga! Craft Center... I am just scratching the surface!! The very first time I stayed here my suite was adjacent to Angelina and then-beau, Billy Bob Thorton.....who knows what fun neighbors you will enjoy!
Ojai Valley Inn and Spa

Oh, right....I did go up there to work! More on my actual design job at a beautiful home for a beautiful soul later after I come down from my herb-scented high....


Anonymous said...

You can transport my soul as well!!
How relaxing and the view takes my breath away. I especially love all of the lavender. The smell must be out of this world.


Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to go here. I have just this morning convinced my hubby to take the drive from San Diego. We are going in 3 weeks thanks to you Kathy!! I / We can't wait! I will golf, too and he's agreed to a few spa appointments. This place does look magical.

Anonymous said...

All that lavender makes me want to go. Who doesn't love a great spa. i've seen ads about this spot for years (didn't they recently renovate?). Officially inspired as I shall plan a girls getaway this fall!

High Desert Diva said...


Anonymous said...

I want to go! Why can't I go? Oh right. I live in NYC and just had a baby. Not in the cards right now. Keep letting me live vicariously through your adventures!