Thursday, July 24, 2008

A film worthy of your SENSES

A really fun part of my job is that I am pulled in to work on some fun set designs.
I adore film sets. It's why I'm a raging movie buff....I just love soaking in the sets..... the cinematography....the costumes.....
And when it's a period film? Well they just leave me sopping up my chin!


{After the annoying advertisement}, View a peek into a treat for the senses! *

*Vintageweave did NOT play a part in the set of this particular film;
*This reminder of the upcoming film is in part thanks to fly-housebydesign.blogspot. Thanks!


Country French Antiques said...

On the list it goes. Do I recognize that same fountain from the movie Atonement?
By the way, I have given you a Brilliant Blog award. Your suppose to post it, link to me and name 5-7 other blogs worthy. You can also tell 5 things about yourself should you want.
Wanna play?

Meander said...

Seriously, I don't think I've been this excited about a movie in a looooong time. Castle Howard is STUNNING!!! It was actually designed by set designers waaaay back in the day. . .which could explain why you have that connection with it.

Anonymous said...

That castle is magnificant!! I am equally excited--it opens this week doesn't it?
Oh I didn't know so THANK YOU FOR THIS TIP. My sister was born in England so it's our special thing to go to every English movie together. I've called her and planned a special night out now thanks to your tip!

Anonymous said...

Cant' wait either! I love period pieces too.
Exciting stuff!!! The gardens on those grounds will have me gasping

Anonymous said...

Very Beautiful. Looks to be a good movie.


Anonymous said...

thanks for that tip. can't wait.
Love your inventory-really just the best of everything french country farmhouse. like that you have french culinary stuff too. just placed my first order.
thank you again. I was in los angeles for many years but now back living in japan and my friends buy from you (Ena and Raya)

Anonymous said...

PS i saw you on hong kong home show series. they feature your store but of course you know this as you were in it. what a lovely feature. my favorite and i saved it to watch many times again.

vosgesparis said...

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Fifi Flowers said...

I adore set design... always wanted to be a production designer... attended UCLA film & video school for a time... but sadly did not finish.
Come over to my site... see the paintings I did of Under the Tuscan Sun set!