Thursday, July 24, 2008

Grab the Shopping Cart!

{Cart Picture: Wikepedia}

More shopping! More creations from antique items! More antiques! More Fun! Oh....It's just making me giddy! You, too, dear friends?
Let's be drunk with happiness together! Both hands on the Shopping Cart Handle and away we go.....

Made from antique French shutters. There's been a very large one created, now a smaller cabinet fashioned from antique shutters cut to size with the masterful painting of some truly artistic hands who blend it all seamlessly;

Chic Mirror: Vintage French Zinc with a scallop copper detail added---many sizes available. Shown: Tabletop size: $1275. (Sorry about the flash! I had to take a picture before it was loaded on the truck as one of my clients snapped this up before I could share it with all of you.) More being made in this size and in floor sizes. It can be crated and Freight Shipped anywhere in the Continental US.

I'm having trouble getting this one in the cart. Grab one end will ya'?
Reclaimed wood with new stain and fabulous French Zinc top---where Elegance meets Rustic....

Many Vintage French Bottle Dryer Racks are in stock as they stacked in the shopping cart just nicely. As shown and larger sizes only (no small sizes this time); Shown: $675.
Loving the old French beer bottles--great green color! I think displayed as a trio with a yellow daisy would love Summer Fab; Bottles: $22/ea

Know that bar shelf thingy at the bottom of the cart? These slide in nicely there.
It started with antique scroll brackets and zinc. So popular, that the well ran dry for the antique brackets so reproduction brackets were found with similar detailing. Reclaimed Zinc wrapped around wood completes the stunning shelf. 4, 6 and 8 foot increments. These will soon be on the website, but you may custom order yours now by emailing or calling us. Shown: 6 foot $500.

Ok this one will just flatten the cart, but I love it so....perfect on a pea gravel patio, don't you agree?

Email us ( with further inquires-or leave a comment here and we'll try to accommodate all custom orders, too!


High Desert Diva said...

I'm lovin' the zinc table top

Country French Antiques said...

I'll take the shutter cabinet please.
I love those things, especially that large one on an earlier post.
Don't think a cart would do my dear.
Gotta truck?

Anonymous said...

Kath: I couldn't find the green bottles or the shelf with zinc on the website. I am interested in 3 six foot long ones. How do I buy? Please email or call me. Thank you!
Tina Mercer

Anonymous said...

Me Likey it all!
Showed my hubby the thing made from antique shutters last week and he scoffed. This is smaller version and more in our price range and he is now agreeable!!!!!! I will call you this week to order a custom one. I am assuming you can freight deliver to San Francisco?

Anonymous said...

I like the table. It is beautiful.
The finishes are gorgeous on all of these pieces. Makes me want one of each. Ha


vosgesparis said...

I would be very happy to carry the French Zinc mirror for you as I think it is gorgeous But The table with the zinc top looks so very strange in my (European) eyes. Those kinda tables were really common in my country when I was little but I have never seen it with a zinc top to be honest... strange french people ;)
Me myself bought some old zinc to decorate my garden wall , (posted it just yesterday) so have a lok and maybe some inspiration from another zinc lover.

Anonymous said...