Friday, November 12, 2010

Something Special-Something French DAY

We are HONORED that no less than four people these past few weeks have come in ON THEIR BIRTHDAY sharing that Vintageweave Interiors' was on their MUST list for their special day. Naturally each one received a present!

So now we're instituting SOMETHING SPECIAL-SOMETHING FRENCH DAY...come in & shop on YOUR birthday and you get a wrapped "something special-something French" w/purchase! It might just be something from the basket shown above...oh la la! No advance notice required!

Vintageweave Interiors
*A French Lifestyle Boutique*
7928 West 3rd Street
(five business west of Fairfax Avenue)
Los Angeles, CA 90036

1 comment:

Keven Shannon said...

You are a marketing genius. Wonderful idea. Thanks for the great lotion as my wife loved it.