Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The French Strike is Over thus Treasures have Arrived!


Apologies....the cup has really runneth over but I've just now bobbed up for air!

Many, many photoshoots with a variety of magazines (details in 2011 when they are about to hit the stands) and lots and lots of design jobs for clients all over Southern California (Malibu, Hidden Hills, Palm Springs, Ojai, and around Los Angeles). The new store location has proved exceptionally busy so there's that, too.  All exciting and wonderful!  I'm now thinking of obtaining stock in Vitamins-R-Us.

A shout out to the editors and designers who have visited us lately, especial Jacqueline deMontravel of Romantic Homes and Danny Seo, doing all sorts of great things with InStyle Home.  Thanks to all the really dedicated bloggers who host such great blogs, such as Aimme at Garden To Remember who interviewed me for her lovely, lovely blog.

We've welcomed some new staff (HELLO SUZANNE AN JILLY) just in time for the holiday madness....speaking of which ==
Sunday, November 21, 2010
7928 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles 90048
(more details in a few days!)

But best of best, we've finally received our container after all the mess with the French strike. Come see our bounty in the boutique or visit with us online at Vintageweave Interiors!!


Crystal said...

I just love that basket and the rest of your treasures. I live to far to stop by, but I will go online. I can't wait to here about what is going to hit the newstand.

Lisa Jay said...

I love keeping up iwth you on Face Book!!! Updates a couple times a day keeps me informed and has allowed me to get in on some great new things before the masses! Thank you social media!! Love the basket, too. Can't wait to attend the Vintageweave Soiree! Lisa