Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why God Invented the French Press

It's been a weary several weeks....far too much to do and far too little time in which to do it to perfection.

I'm guilty. Stress to get it right is self imposed...will stay up until the wee hours for days on end to get it all done JUST SO.

Where to begin? The month has been TREMENDOUS and I'm feeling exceptionally blessed.

Product for showroom displays to Ralph Lauren - Beverly Hills, Ralph Lauren-Greenwich, Joie NYC and Joie Paris, Anthropologie, furniture + accessories for a private Hollywood supper club, and many other retail windows and showroom displays. WHAT FUN!

Mini website redo, plan next buying trip to Paris, work on client's kitchen and study....weeeeeee goes the merry-go-round! {I LOVE IT}  Corporate orders have been on the rise and 170 of these beauties were recently sourced and shipped in record time to meet a most important deadline...

The latest excitement is a top celebrity designer has named VINTAGEWEAVE INTERIORS as a favorite source so HGTV is filming a teensy weeny segment with us...

DUST! CLEAN! VACUUM! FUSS! FUSS! ARRANGE! EDIT! NEW INVENTORY DISPLAY!  You name it, we did it...til the wee, wee hours of the morn.

(Both manicure and pedicure are, um, OFFICIALLY DESTROYED!)  Toes in the Pacific Ocean with my Man will be on the agenda next  (as soon as we get all these orders out and the container unloaded and the Cote Bastide replenished!)
Did I mention lately how UTTERLY FAB and AMAZING my team of helpers are in every inch of their fabulous souls???  I am planning a special thank you picnic just for the lot of them...Something French. Something Bubbly. Something with baguettes, foie gras and vintage red linens.

I once overheard on the Tube in London: "Sleep is for the bored." So it's official. I'M NOT BORED!  Besides...isn't that why God invented the FRENCH PRESS????  Supersize mine, gentle giant.
Bonne Nuit


Meg/Garden Designs said...

you rock! you are a strong woman and will get through it all! keep inspiring me, girlie!

Candylei said...

Yes, keep up the great work! Just found your blog. Love looking at your pictures of your "treasures". Truthfully oyur job sounds like the best!

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic said...

It's great that business is booming for VWI...many other antique retailers are suffering from slooooowwwww business and wondering if they should hang in for the ride or ride on down the road. We need to spruce up our inventory but can't afford the upfront investment; can't afford to travel and source vintage items. You ARE the lucky one!!

Kathy said...

Thanks you two! So sweet! It's a lot of hard luck involved whatsoever! We are fortunate to have fostered some amazing relationships with customers and clients alike, and I really believe in the merchandise we carry. thanks for your support--YOU ALL are SOOOO valued!

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic said...

If you need someone to tag along,take notes and pics, carry your bags, carry and crate up your purchases, etc. I'd LOVE to join you in France ;-)