Wednesday, July 7, 2010

La Quille

It's a beauty! While this is a fairly rare French Military memorabilia item, truth be told we merely fell in love with it for the colors and French writing!  It lived for quite some time in our guest room until an eventual 're do' created a need to find it a new home. {Surely no one is surprised I constantly redecorate and move things in/out of my house as most change shoes??}

Celebrate LA QUILLE!

La Quille (or literally The Pin) was created and gifted to signify one's 1 year of mandatory service in the French military. Back in the day, once a male reached 18 years of age, there was a required one year of service in  La Militaria.  At the end of the year, members of the unit would celebrate the mandatory completion (er, many were NOT happy to serve) by each signing La Quille and a memorial of the time spent was henceforth everlasting! HOW COOL IS THAT?

This one is pretty special as it's from 1961, right after Algeria broke from France during the infamous Algerian War.  The commander of the unit did all the writing of the names in this instance, as was often the case...."when the bell rung stating school was out--nary a soul could be found!"

The Algerian War, or Guerre d'AlgĂ©rie, was a conflict between France and Algeria over movements towards independence from 1954 to 1962, when Algeria eventually gained its independence from France.

 This wooden pillar sits 24" H x 5" Diameter. All original paint and markings, with wood cracks indicative of age. $395; France, circa 1961.

A gorgeous home decor item...and even more special if you're a fan of military memorabilia!  Find this wood beauty,  La Quille, online now or by emailing us.

UPDATE: we had SO MUCH FUN with the contest on guessing this item with our FACEBOOK friends...literally up most of the evening laughing with tears! Thanks to all of them who played and congrats to winner, Andrea Guiterrez -formerly of Geneva, now of Los Angeles, who won the pair of vintage French tea towels!  This one was a tough MYSTERY ITEM, but more to come in weeks ahead! MYSTERY ITEM GAME FOUND ONLY ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE!


natalie. beyond the reef said...

Thank you so much for the great history lesson - and the great story. This is why I love each and every one of my items purchased from Vintageweave....because they do "weave" a wonderful tale....thank you.

Meg/ Garden Designs said...

I missed the game! I agree with what beyond The Reef wrote and love the history lesson. I would have never known! Merci mon ami!