Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bordeaux anyone?

Whether or not you are a lover of wine, the uniqueness of wine paraphernalia has always been an attractive decor item in our design schemes for many clients.

These antique French wine jugs are FANTASTIC....!! We scooped up all we could and while many sold the moment they were placed in the boutique, about 20 still remain.

All in GREAT condition and each comes shipped in a crate made from old wood (crate not antique).

While gorgeous displayed just as they are, we had one on display in the boutique as shown below. An owner of a new Napa Valley restaurant loved it so much, he's having us put together three bottles filled for his restaurant display. Tres chic! Fortunately we came across boxes and boxes of corks being discarded by a Napa Winery last year...finally found the perfect use!

New container from our latest French buying trip in now!
Antique French Bordeaux Wine Jugs
Circa 1930-1940
$415 includes crate shown
Multiples available now at "Vintageweave.com"


Meg/ Garden Designs said...

i love these, too! I'm in LA and plan to stop by the store today and hope some are there to view. thanks for such lovely items to choose from always. Hopefully see you in a bit. Meg

natalie. beyond the reef said...

I know these are fabulous - Again, Kathy, you have done it once again - brought us something we just can't live without!