Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"C'est tout que j'aime!!"

Dragging it 3 kilometers and in raging heat, I HAD to have this oh-so-heavy Vintage French Riddling Rack complete with bits of old champagne labels plastered here and there. After having paid far more for a series of them in Northern France for the boutique, I spotted this particular beauty while in the Provence region. It was for a SONG, but only a deal if I could haul it back in time to Paris for my shipper to pack it and have it join my container of other treasures.

I must have lost 11 lbs of pure sweat that hot France day, and the driver was not pleased with me when he pulled up, with having to load this heavy thing in that took 7 tries of re-working all the other goodies I purchased. He was yelling at me, but I kept telling him how much I loved it when he spoke to me in French...even if his words aren't suitable for print!
The things we do for love!


Wanda Lee said...

My the things we do for love indeed! Good for you, great find!-- I admire a tenacious person! Love your site by the way, as I have it listed under my blog favories. I also enjoyed the Red/ greige colours of the earlier posting as well. Keep up the good work!.., I'LL CHECK BACK OFTEN!.., MUST GO GREET OUR GUESTS NOW, THAT ARE ARRRIVING ON A LATE-ISH FLIGHT AT OUR BED & BREAKAFST..,Cheers!

Lisa Jay said...

I love your posts, kath! So positive and inspiring.
Will you have some of these in the store?

Wanda Lee said...

Thank you for visiting Nova Scotia via "blogland"!.., If ever you are in our area we would indeed be honored and priviledged to have you be a guest in our Bed & Breakfast.-- Our area is pristine and sparkles with seaside charm, especially this time of year and through to late October. I would say that from May through 'till late fall it's surprisingly warm with just a few coldish, rainy spells interwoven throughout.., I'll look forward to what you find in your travels next.., I love the innovative and highly creative name of your blog as well, by the way!-- cheers from Silk Purse.