Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Santos Love

{Female Form 36" w/bendable arm.....$545}

We love these female forms...and obviously so do many of you as we have always had a hard time keeping them in stock!

Originally used in religious ceremonies, such as wedding processions or funerals, the "Bastadas" (female forms) are often adorned with photos of loved ones and religious trinkets and carried down the streets. Later, they rest atop a fireplace matel or prominant place in the home where they are believed to bring fortune and blessings. These originate from either Spain, Mexico or Thailand.

{Female Form above and below pics: 30" w/wood removable arms....$445}

{Female Form 30" w/ wood removable arms...$ color}

{Female Form 36" w/bendable arms....$545. Classic Turquoise color}

More arriving in pinks and yellows in the 40-46" sizes!!!
Call or email or find online if interested!


Jackie said...

They are too beautiful! I LOVE santos!

Keeley said...

I love them all,Kathy! Bought one from you yesterday and we can not stop looking at her :) :)

caren said...

Hi Kathy ~ I have one of these and I love her! I keep forgetting to ask you how your little dogs are doing?Noodle loves the doggie snacks that you gave us - she thanks you!

Angela said...

Thanks for the background information - I had no idea there was a background story until I read this post.