Monday, July 6, 2009

Crown for a King

Due to the mayhem and traffic congestion in Los Angeles for the Michael Jackson Memorial on Tuesday, July 7, Vintageweave Interiors will be open on limited hours:
UPDATED: THE TRAFFIC WAS WORSE THAN EVEN WE THOUGHT AND IT'S STILL EARLY! VINTAGEWEAVE REGRETS IT WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY TODAY, Tuesday, July 7. We will be open Wednesday, July 8, 11a-4p. Normal hours resume Friday and Saturday 11a-4p.
Being born in Gary (waaaay back when) and an affinity for all things Jackson 5, I'd like to think the King of Pop would have loved one of our vintage crowns for his collection. New arrival of vintage crowns in now. Looks for detailed pictures in a post later this week.

Dear Michael: For such an incredibly talented entertainer who gave us all years of jaw-dropping moves and song, we hope your troubled adult soul can now rest in peace, as God intended.


Meg/Garden Designs said...

Nice, Kathy. Well said.

lisa Jay said...

Agreed, nicely put. I can't wait to see the crowns you got. when??? when???

caren said...

Kathy ~ Beautiful post.