Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Waist is Naked Without An Apron

Farmhouse Linen Apron: Soft washed Linen w/tattered edges

I'm crazy for aprons. Mad, out-of-control, amateur-chef frenzy crazy.  I've discovered so many amazing ones on shopping excursions throughout France.  I drag them back to the shop and begin to talk passionately about aprons to anyone who wanders in and even hints at touching them.  (Their fingers brushed against the soft linen; surely they MUST be interested??)  It helps that I love to cook and love beauty to surround me as I'm mixing up something special in the kitchen for loved ones. But it doesn't stop there. Oh, noooo.  We're often found wearing textile delight around the fact, I encourage it. I've always felt aprons tell an immediate story: A story that you're ready to create and ponder and weave and thrust something magical and loving upon someone.  Cooking, scrapbooking, vignetting (er, it's a word!), hodge podging.....the list really goes on.  N'est ce pas?

New styles from Côté Bastide arriving in late Jan 2013. Plenty of these beauties here shown in stock now at  and they can all be found under the TEXTILES page.

Côté Bastide Linen Apron/ white w/blue stripes

Côté Bastide Linen Apron/ natural grey w/soft black stripes

Côté Bastide Linen Apron in rich dark grey

Once in Provence at a barn estate sale I came across 22 of the same monogrammed, oversized and thick  linen white tea towels....

 ...and I thought with a pleat here and a pleat there and a grosgrain ribbon, extra-long tie...well, they'd make fantastic aprons!  I really love the feel and look of these exclusive to Vintageweave...

Vintageweave Tea Towel Apron

A Cote Bastide Burlap Linen Classic

Check them out online OR stop in this holiday season to touch and take one for a test drive.  We'll try hard to take ours off...

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