Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bonne Année!!

We hope everyone had a most joyous Christmas, Hanukkah or just restful holiday season!

At Vintageweave we all celebrate Christmas and it was an especially poignant year for us: we were so gloriously busy thanks to ALL OF YOU, yet so many friends and colleagues were without jobs. It was a sincere time of reflection for me personally as I can't imagine anything sadder on Christmas morning knowing so many are without jobs, food or the simple joy of a wrapped present, especially since my parents made such an effort growing up making Christmas so special, even though we had so little money.

One area of the homeless living in clusters; heartbreaking
In this spirit I decided to institute a new tradition with family and friends. When my father passed last year I began a non-profit with another friend, Roger Goode, in honor of both of our exceptionally-giving parents.  Uncle Phil and Betty's Goode Deeds was born. It started to benefit those hungry in my hometown of Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland area, but this year grew into a west coast edition. (My father was known as "Uncle Phil" to so many friends, neighbors and relatives....he was often heard replying when asked his name: "They call me Uncle Phil" and the name stuck.)
Friend Wendy and my Mom making PBJ sandwiches

So on the morning of Christmas after attending church and exchanging presents, several friends gathered at my home where we made 100+ brown bagged lunches. I made them a macadamia nut waffle breakfast and they donated their time (I love to cook so I came out the winner!). We then piled in the car and handed them out to the many homeless on the streets of Los Angeles.  I confess I did cry behind my sunglasses, but the overall feeling of the day was of gratefulness and accomplishment. It made nary a dent in the problem, but it all must start some where, nest ce' pas?

From our home to yours, we hope you begin a new tradition in helping those struggling in our challenging economy.  Many blessings to all...

On another note, Vintageweave is open this week TODAY ONLY from 11:30-4 and reopening at 11:30 on Tuesday, Jan 4. We will not be shipping orders after today, and the boutique and warehouse will be closed for a much-needed holiday. We so appreciate all of YOU who made 2010 a successful year for Vintageweave.

A client took a photograph of her daughter dressed to welcome 2011 in a vintage French buggy. It literally took our breath away!  Happy 2011!

Vintageweave Interiors
7928 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048


Meg/Garden Designs said...

Just lovely Kathy. What a great heart. We were planning on being in L.A. this weekend and am so bummed that I won't get to visit the store as it was on my list. :( Boo. See you in Feb!

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