Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Summer is approaching fast ....it's already here in some parts of the land!

BRING IT...we're ready regardless of the weather. Pamplemousse, or Grapefruit as called in good ol' America, has landed on our shores. Liquid soap created in the traditional, old ways from long ago where they perfected it in Marseille, France.

New summer flavor in grapefruit. Oh, soooooo good, but this version is better served on your hands than in your bowl.

Chic glass bottle with pump; $31 at "Vintageweave Interiors" or by emailing vintageweave@aol.com.

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Kelly P said...

I shall be in the shoppe today to do some damage. :) Hope you have this in stock, also hope to see you, Kathy. Kelly P