Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jardin Day!

{Luxe Linen Jardin Pillow; 18" sq $79}

French linen takes a new twist with these gorgeous newly designed pillows. The Jardin cushion and pillow in particular make me want to go out and tend to my lavender and roses....

Chic + Crisp = love, love, love!

{Luxe Linen Jardin Cushion}

Discovered these lovelies and think they will be pretty special with plants inside. They have holes already drilled inside their cast iron bodies (just be sure to line with moss so the plant roots don't burn from the cast iron heating up in the sun).

Madame and Madamoiselle Urns (the latter will be coming in black soon, too!)
{Madamoiselle Urn in Distressed White; coming soon in Black; $52}

{Madame Urn Large in French Grey; $59}

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