Monday, February 9, 2009

Loving vintage bowls a LATTE

Often we forget to look for the many small pleasures afforded us each day. During this time of doom and gloom on the news with every channel turned or website visited, we need to remember where those small pleasures can be found....

For me, there's nothing like starting the day with a "just me" ritual:
~Rejuvenating music playing in the background....~Kitchen French doors opened to let in the morning air (whether it be warm, cold or rainy&sweet)....~Steaming hot French-pressed coffee enjoyed out of a vintage, not-so-perfect French Latte Bowl....~Freshly-washed French linen tea towel (not ironed!) under my vintage chipped plate of buttered toast and hard-boiled egg...
~Often a lit Cote Bastide candle.
Recently, one of Vintageweave's regulars, an actress from Grey's Anatomy, scooped up every vintage French Latte Bowl with soft black stripes and black polka dots. When I tried to talk her into mixing in some red or forest green ones, she announced "you know I prefer sets".

For me, I go for a grand mixture of every color (perhaps because I like to imagine throwing a very large Sunday bruch wherein every guest has a different bowl to sip their Joe).

While sometimes necessary, a paper TO GO cup to hold my coffee Just. Won't Do. The day needs to be cherised from the moment I wake up.

I'd love to hear what rituals you afford yourself to help cherish each day...

{French vintage Red striped Latte Bowls; $49--variety over 95 bowls available at


Anonymous said...

Mmm I love this post. For me, BUBBLE BATHS every evening prepares my mind for the day ahead in the morning! but some of your rituals may become one of my own (except the lit candle-with boys that would not be practical-LOL)

Anonymous said...

welllllll, let's see here

makng oatmeal do count>there is lots of stir so i focus on it for a long time. coffee yes of course but my countrys coffee is so different from america so it is gone much faster in smaller cup. i do like cauppuccino out of these bowls you show. the are favorite. so pretty (sorry my english not good!)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Before kids get up, I make coffee, read email, and check 3 blogs, the first of course being VW! (Do I soond like stalker girl?). I get notifications of new posts, but I like to read other's comments (I am crazy that way).
Now I like imagining MYSELF drinking coffee out of these bowls (just like you; NOW I def sound like stalker girl). Save me two red! Are they online now?

PS loving my treasures that arrived Friday!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Herbal Tea
Email check
Blog check

But I like the idea of drinking tea out of these. Is that done??

vintage girl at heart said...

Oh I love to have my morning iced tea in a nice glass goblet and open the blinds and the door to our deck and then I feed the birds and squirrels. And I always have my breakfast on sweet pretty vintage china! It is the little things that we do to make our days special.

Anonymous said...

It is not hard for me to know right away what my favorite ritual is...I love going to bed at night and giving thanks to God for all the positive and negative things that cross my path each and everyday. Grateful for all of God's gifts that are so frequently taken for granted...the air we breath, season changes, always a given regardless of whatever else it going on, good friends, the food we eat, our pets...I could go on and on. For me, it is the most important ritual in my day.

I love the latte bowls!


Anonymous said...

Morning Prayers on my patio is a must and never missed ritual. A little yoga stretching and water with lemon. I have a cup of coffee mid morning and the idea of doing it in something pretty and vintage (my love of loves) sounds so romantic. I must say I DO take the time to love and cherish each day: 2 years cancer free!! yeahhhhh!

Anonymous said...

Lots of walking and lots of picking up dog poo!!!!!
Drinking coffee out of these vintage bowls would be a nice ME treat! It's on my wish list.
A dog walker in NYC !!!!

PS love your site and blog! I buy fairly regularly from you!

ang diehl said... not a coffee drinker whatsoever, although would strongly consider it IF i had those beatiful french vintage bowls. siggghhhhh. Cheers.

Shannon said...

I LOVE cafe au lait bowls! I have a small collection, in different shades of blue- the only thing I collect. I think it must have something to do with my obsession with coffee...

Anonymous said...

I just ordreed some red ones. so excited. (the more beat up the better please)

My ritual consists of walking my 3 dogs, drinking 1.5 cups of coffee and running on the treadmill. Of course reading this blog! :)

Gregg said...

I get up, find my old female dog because the young one usually wakes me up. Then I lay on her bed with her and pet her until she gets up. I think she fakes sleeping so I keep petting her.

Fifi Flowers said...

I have to say that your blog is perfect for this date... February 9... it is my birthdate and I ADORE cafe creme... and it is even more yummy in these latte bowls!
Glad I stopped by and explored around!