Wednesday, January 19, 2011

J'adore A Beating Valentine Heart

J'adore this time of year!  'Tis true that EVERY day you should adorn those you love with affection and appreciation, but to me there is something sweet  in doing do something extra special and out-of-the-ordinary. Those special things that every day life doesn't necessarily allow time or energy for....

Some "extra" things I've done for my man on Feb 14, which you can do with little effort for your love. My girlfriends and I even do a little something special for one another on this day. It's a moment to reflect on what you appreciate about those special in your life:

  • Set the table with rose petals and lit votives;
  • Make an extra special meal;
  • Write a message in lipstick on the bathroom mirror;
  • Tuck a note into a pocket, briefcase or attach a POST IT note to the rearview mirror;
  • Text a random message of love during the middle of the day;
  • Breakfast of waffles in the shape of a heart;
  • Packed picnic of favorite yummies...enjoyed ON THE BEACH;
  • Wine and cheese at a park or beach watching the sunset
  • A "Welcome Home Martini" handed as he walks through the door just as if you were transported to being a 1950's housewife! Makes for a good laugh if nothing else!
  • An extra-long, lingering hug....

A few of our favorite Valentine treasures this season....

Cupid Heart- Zinc; $69

Mercury Fleur RedHeart Trio; Valentine Special $25/for 3

Mercury Classic Votive - Gold; $42 for 3 (also available in popular silver)
Antique Italian Votivos; $150-$400

Key2MyHeart Keychain; $36

The above is a keychain from our friends at The JunkGirls but don't limit it to just that use.  We think it's pretty special to use as a hang tag to tie on a package for an little extra love.

More Valentine specials in the boutique...check out February's Romantic Homes magazine to see a few of our favorite antique glass treasures on the cover!


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Mélanie A. said...

I love the ex voto

Sherman Unkefer said...

I love the mercury fleur redheart trio! What a great finds!

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