Monday, September 29, 2008

Lending a Helping Hand

This past week we were faced with a flood....ugh.
The neighboring tenant had a leak in their spa pedicure tubs or something or other, and as a result at Vintageweave we were greeted to almost 2 inches of water in 45% of the showroom.

Carpet runied and torn up.  Showroom looks like....well....let's not get me started.
I have to say, I love my insurance company and if you ever need a water remediater, call ServePro as they are my new heros!  Mold is nothing to play around with!

Lots of wonderful friends (and family of course!!) RAN OVER to lend a helping hand.

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such giving souls. Thanks, guys!!!!
(A special prayer to all those who have homes in the South where floods touched down on their lives.)